Previous Meetings

Nov. 2009:  Filmmaker Jake Rademacher

Oct. 2009:  Author Linda Alexander

Sept. 2009:  Filmmaker/Talk Show Host John Ziegler

August 2009:  Dark- No Meeting

July 2009:  HCR Barbeque

June 2009:  Author & Filmmaker Michael Mandaville

May 2009:  Lt. Colonel Robert “Buzz” Patterson

April 2009:  Actor/Author Basil Hoffman

March 2009:  Senator Jim Brulte

February 2009:  Mayoral Candidates Forum w/ Walter Moore, David Hernandez, Phil Jennerjahn

January 2009:  Comedian/Author Al Sonja Schmidt

December 2008:  HCR Christmas Party/Talent Showcase

November 2008:  CRP Chairman Ron Nehring

October 2008:  Actress/Comedian Victoria Jackson

September 2008:  Al Sonja Schmidt / Convention Watch Party

July 2008:  HCR Barbeque

June 2008:  Actor Elya Baskin

May 2008:  Tom Fick

April 2008:  Chris Burgard

March 2008:  Larry Greenfield

February 2008:  Thor Halorssen

January 2008:  Presidential Primary Speakers/Discussion (John Ziegler, George Romney, Steve Frank)

December 2007:  HCR Christmas Party/Talent Showcase

November 2007:  Actress Morgan Brittany

October 2007:  Writer/Commentator Andrew Breitbart

September 2007:  Comedian Jack Simmons

July 2007:  HCR Barbeque

June 2007:  Joseph C. Phillips

May 2007:  Meet the members

April 2007:  Kay Elson, Member, Australian Parliament

March 2007:  Tom Dreesen

February 2007:  Writer Director David Zucker & Producer Myrna Sokoloff

December 2006:  HCR Christmas Party/Talent Showcase

November 2006:  Liberty Film Festival Founders Jason Apuzzo and Govindini Murty

October 2006:  Candidates Night

September 2006:  Judge Kenneth Starr

August 2006:  Larry Greenfield

July 2006:  Summer vacation- No Meeting

June 2006:  Conservative Comic Jack Simmons

May 2006:  Doug Urbanski

April 2006:  Lionel Chetwynd

March 2006:  James Hirsen

February 2006:  Candidates Night

January 2006:  Ted Hayes

December 2005:  Robert Davi

November 2005:  Jim Gilchrist

October 2005:  Burt Prelutski

Sept.2005:  Tony Strickland

July 2005:  LA County Sheriff  Leroy Baca

June 2005:  Cheryl Felicia Rhoads

May 2005:  Comic Evan Sayet

April 2005:  Marty Ingels

March 2005:  Conservative Comic Big Daddy Jeff Wayne & Dr. Phil Kirsner

February 2005:  Writer/Producer/Director Steve Bannon

December 2004:   Andrew Brietbart

November 2004:  Talk show host John Zeigler

October 2004:  Laurie Coleman

September 2004:  CRP Chairman Duf Sundheim

July 2004:  Evening Mixer/ Meet the Candidates

June 2004:  Special Panel Discussion Moderated by Al Rantel

May 2004:  Oscar Guteirrez

April 2004:  Steve Marmel

March 2004:  Michael Levine

February 2004:  Dan Schnur

January 2004:  James Hirsen

December 2003:  LIONEL CHETWYND

November 2003:  ED GOEAS

October 2003:  VICKI NISSEN

September 2003:  TOM MCCLINTOCK (by surrogate)

August 2003:  BEN STEIN

July 2003:  KIM SERAFIN

June 2003:  BILL SIMON


April  2003:  CHARLES WILEY

March 2003:  NOTRA TRULOCK

February 2003:  LIONEL BOGUT

January 2003:  PAM CORRADI

December 2002:  MARK ANTHONY ILES

November 2002:  AL RANTEL


September 2002:  PHIL MCKEON